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@radioairplaynow @ProvidesAirplay Thank You so much for giving us an opportunity to get our music heard. 


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Ceegramz & lagoche music group 

Thanks a lot Radio Airplay Now for your hard work. I look forward to working with you again for my next single.

Thanks Again

Recording Artist CeeGramz & Lagoche Music Group

@ceegramz  @LagocheMusic

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Amen alibi

Great resourse like Radio Airplay Now equals recognition for Amen Alibi. 

Thanks You Very Much.


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Trill Will Gold Grill 

"I want to give a big thanks to Radio Airplay Now for a successful radio campaign".

Recording Artist Trill Will Gold Grill & SIP Entertainment 

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"I am a member of for LIFE thank you so much. @radioairplaynow I am proud to be part of the family."

Thanks Radio Airplay Now
Recording Artist Joe Williams @123prettytony


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k.o. konfusion

                                                                                                                                                                   Thank You very much Radio Airplay Now,


"I appreciate the hard work you've done for me and I look forward to using your services in the near future thank you again you guys are awesome!"
Recording Artist K.O. Konfusion @KoNfUsIoNGbA


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Julia Starr


"Thanks so much this is so incredible. Disney did a feature of her and I heard from Ellen show will fly to meet them possible will have Julia performing on national TV soon in big part thanks to you guys at Radio Airplay Now!"
Recording Artist Julia Starr @Missjuliastarr
Regards, Derrick of  AMK Mama Entertainment Inc.



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fly richie


"Radio Airplay Now has been great and has caused some doors to open up for us. I think every independent artist and/or label should take advantage of the services, that you guys have too offer.

Thanks a lot  Radio Airplay Now

Recording Artist  Fly Richie "@FlyRichieMusic


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1 ton media


"Want to thank for getting us FM Airplay in 15 markets & getting us National Exposure for Fly Richie Music. Also building a GREAT website Thanks so much Radio Airplay Now.
Manager Orlando Singleton 1 Ton Media


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"Radio Airplay Now is the BEST radio resource we have worked with in our career. Our music has been added to many more station in a shorter period of time than we could have accomplished on our own and other services we have used were not nearly as effective. We will continue to work with Radioairplaynow  as we continue to push our music and grow our fan base!" 
Recording Artist EDUBB @EDUBBlive / Digital Age Music



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Tehir music group


Thanks Radio Airplay Now. You are the best and I have some more music headed your way coming soon.
Manager Ray Lecerette / Diamond Generation &Tehir Music Group


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frankie storm


Radio Airplay Now
We are so happy to see how effective your service is. It's so GREAT to have you help.
Sno Redd


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"As an artist I knew what I wanted I just didn't know how to obtain it. You need someone to bridge the gap, and I knew as an independent artist this my CAREER and I have to invest in it. Through the proper marketing I have received major FM, satellite,College and Internet. Thank You for everything Radio Airplay Now."
Recording Artist  Plat'num @immaculate561


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rey t


"Working with Radio Airplay Now has been a great experience and has helped introduce our music to the world expanding our fan base increasing sales. Their expertise is our guiding light, lighting the way to success for Special Request Featuring Rey T and we look forward to working with Radio Airplay now and in the future! All the best!"
Recording Artist Special Request & Rey T / PRIME USA RECORDS @primeusarecords


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"Radio Airplay Now is Awesome! This is great! We will be buying more airtime soon."
Recording Artist Xcedera @XCEDERA


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young invent


"All my success is based on the hard work of myself and others... I never done anything alone You all were there with me. Thank You very much Radio Airplay Now...I'm planning the Summer realease with you. You guys are AMAZING!!"
Recording Artist Young Invent @YoungInvent / Inventive Records


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"I'm most grateful to Radio Airplay Now for the support and great service. Many thanks!"
Bogdanl / Music producer @_bogdanl 
Recroding Artist BOGDANL


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Lisa trindade 


"Thank You Radio Airplay Now for your services."
Recording Artist Lisa Trindade @TrindadeLisa


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lil d da prince


"This team of professionals offer real and quality results, you are 100% getting your money's worth for their services.I look foward to working with them again.Thanks Radio Airplay Now."
Recording Artist Lil D Da Prince @lilddaprince412  / L.E.U Entertainment


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lorence michaels


" Is A Wonderful Service, Thank You For The  Successful Campaign, We Urge Every Independent Artist That Has Good Music To Submit To A campaign @radioairplaynow It Will Further Your career!!
ThankYou again
Recording Artist Lorence Michaels & The Ha la Entertainment Staff @LorenceMichaels


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its name tag alexander


Wow Radio Airplay Now Thank You for the services. Thanks for tha spins!! @radioairplaynow 
Recording Artist NameTag Alexander @itsnameTag



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Jo Bee


"Radio Airplay Now.. Thanks so much for the luv and support guys! 
Recording Artist JoBee  @JoBee4eva


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Tinaya dixon / Off the chain records


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Radio Airplay Now for giving me a chance to have my music heard by thousands. You are my sound wave and I will recommend Radio Airplay Now to everyone who wants their music heard."
 Recording Artist Tinaya Dixon / Off The Chain Records


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bruno pignatiello


"Radio Airplay Now...Thanks for everything you have been doing to help independent artists to spread the word out!"
Recording Artist Bruno Pignatiello  


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K Bam / Lo Cutz Records


"Radio Airplay Now has been great and has caused some doors to open up for us. I think every independent artist and/or label should take advantage of the services, that you guys have too offer.  Thanks a lot. Radio Airplay Now Thank You! Looking foward to doing more business with you in the FUTURE."
Recording Artist K Bam Lo Cutz Records  @


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"Many thanks for providing such a great service in having my music heard by many. Will definitely continue working with you on future music releases.I would like to thank you Radio Airplay Now"
"Much Love" Ron and Tenaj
Recording Artist Tenaj / Tenaj Ropatt @wwwTENAJus


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promise the truth


Radio Airplay Now,
Thanks for your business.. we will be running a larger campaign with Radio Airplay Now again soon!
Recording Artist PromiseTheTruth @promisethetruth


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papa ness & mv


"Big S/O to @radioairplaynow Thank you all for the support. Great staff Radio Airplay Now"

Recording Artist Papa Ness & MV @RDIRECORDS


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triple da j


"Hats off to Radio Airplay Now for spreading my music."
Recording Artist TRIP @jballeranjdrive


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"Thanks to Radio Airplay now for breaking my single "Summer Love" & "Everythings A Go" , look forward to working with you in the future.
S/O @radioairplaynow for them spins!!
Recording Artist Karizma @karizma62b 


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staccz feddi


Radio Airplay Now S/O @radioairplaynow for keepin me in rotation.
Recording Artist Bossman  @StacczFeddi


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Kali Streetz


Shout Out @radioairplaynow for pickin up the new single "Old School"
Recording Artist Kali Streetz @ImKaliStreetz


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davey star


@radioairplaynow "Froze" has been on really good campaign. Thanks Radio Airplay Now
Recording Artist Davey Star @RealDaveyStar

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Papa ness & Mv


Big S/O @radioairplaynow @ProvidesAirplay Thank You for all the support! Great Staff @ Radio Airplay Now
Recording Artist Papa Ness & MV @RDIRECORDS   @Mic_Villain 





young gifted


Shout Out to Radio Airplay Now !
Thanks for your unconditional support for Young Gifted "Murda 1"
Recording Artist Young Gifted @YoungGifted3000

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nat pearson


Radio Airplay Now
@radioairplaynow Thank You Guys for National Charting
Recording Artist Nat Pearson @NatPearsonMusic  

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fly richie


Big Ups @radioairplaynow for the marketing & promotional services they have provided for my music career and all the hard work & results.
Recording Aritst Fly Richie @FlyRichieMusic

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"Thanks Radio Airplay Now for all your support because you have been very supportive of me and my career in the music industry." Thanks Radio Airplay Now Team
Recording Artist Medal







Radio Airplay Now,
Thank you guys so much for the service!
Recroding Artist Serenity @serenitySings4U & Soar Music Group 

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carmen reggae


Wonderful job by ! Carmen Reggae' has reached #24 on Gospel Top 50 National Charting and getting good airplay! Thank You so much for all your help Radio Airplay Now!
Recording Artist Carmen Reggae @CarmenReggae'

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Mo beatz


Radio Airplay Now,
"Thanks so much you guys are so incredible and I appreciate all the hard work that you've done for me. Radio Airplay Now is the best that I've worked with in my career
and has been GREAT at getting my music heard on the radio!
Instrumental Artist Mo Beatz @MoBeatz1 

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Thank You Radio Airplay Now for helping me with my song "Maria"

Singer/Songwriter Melissa B. @melissablive    


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  Thank you Radio Airplay Now and you are appreciated!!

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